Blessed Maggie

Blessed Maggie

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas Everydoggie!!!

My mommy just called me!!
I'm sorry everydoggie..i was busy with Canon and adapting to Auntie jeannette's new home!
My mommy arrived in Indonesia safely.. it was very hard to go online..that's what she said to me...
She has just finished her trip to Solo, Jogjakarta..eating nice food there huh Mommy..
GUYS! Thank you for the cards.. :) I'm loving it...
So me and my mommy want to say

Merry Christmas 2007
Happy New Year 2008

I will update my blog after new year..coz i will be busy christmas-ing with Canon...Yippie!!!
oyea..Aunt Jeanette has a xmas tree!!!!!

Lots of hugs and kisses

Maggie Rusli

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Mommy is gonee tomorrow!!!

:( how sad
Mommy is leaving for her hometown tomorrow..actually today its 2 a.m here..
she is just done half packing..well she said she can't really actually pack her things before she gets out of her morning bath..well u know ladies..

So she will be leaving for Christmas , New year, and also Chinese New Year ..hope she doesnt miss Valentine's day with me!!
Therefore..Mommy has trusted me with Aunti Jeanette and Uncle Fajar.. They are our neighbour actually..they have a big handsome goldie called Canon.. oh..I'm going to spend my Christmas with him!! hihihi..
These are things that my mommy prepares for my 4 other sistas..

Oh well..surely my 4 sista will love it!!! hopefully.. :)

Daddy will be leaving too..he is leaving on he will be checking on me in Canon's house..

Mommy wrapped some Xmas Present for Canon.. well it looks so sweet right!! :) I hope Canon loves it..and can we shareeee?????

Here..Ive just finished it mom...cute right!!!!!!! and oh the xmas card..:) is ready!!! mommy going to send it today..hihihi...

Mommy..can't you not leave me here....?? can i be in ur suitcase?? i'll be good...

and we've just got back from Aunt Jeanette's house..gave the pressie to her..and oh Look!! Canon..!!!! hi handsomeee... he was just wandering around Aunt Jeanette..when I was on her hands.. i know u like me Canon..i'm gonna stay with you don't worry okay..but i'll be upstairs maybe...coz i think im still so small...

and tadaaaaa...its Canon...!!! :) he is handsome righttttt????????
well my mommy is calling me to bed.. i'll be cuddled by her toniteeeeeee!! yippie..but sad...she is leaving tomorrow.. and she said Happy Holiday to all of youu!!!
Woof woof woof..hopefuly I won't cry tomorrow.. but it will be excited to live with another handsome woofy!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I've been TAGGED!

Prince said...
TAG, you're it!! Prince have tagged you...Here's the RulesLink to your tagger and post these rules:List eight ( 8 ) random facts about yourself.Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them ). Let them know they've been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs okay?Sorry I also dont want this happen :) I been tag by others also :p
November 27, 2007 1:17 PM

I've been TAGGED by the handsome Prince..oh..I hope he will be my prince charming..hihihi

8 random facts about ME!!:

1. Loves to bite

2. Loves to chase after Mommy's sandals

3. Loves to sleep on Daddy's lap

4. Loves Salmon sashimi!!!!!

5. Cry when Mommy leaves me alone at home

6. Loves handsome big dogs like Canon and Prince!! hehehe

7. Shaking when Mommy bath me

8. Loves baby powder smell!!

Prince I've done the tagging..

so the next 8 person areeee:

1. Goofy
2. Togo
3. River
4. Asta
5. Blue
6. Huskee Boy
7. Faya
8. Barkalot

Happy tagging!!! :)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Uncle Kenny's Birthday

Sorry Uncle Kenny.. I know your bday was over
but mommy just upload the photos..
Mommy and friends had a birthday surprise on the nite..!
and mommy brought me too..she was carrying me throughout the whole event..
Indonesians usually play pranks at somebody's who's having birthday..
you know something like throwing rotten eggs, soap bubbles..or dirty water on the night of someone's birthday..and after that we will celebrate it with cake :)

This time is Uncle Kenny's !!
First we went to Uncle Eric's house at 11 pm and got ready for the prank..
Uncle Wen has already prepared some soapy water with bubbles on it poured into several mineral water bottles..

can i go down mommy???

After we knew that Uncle Kenny's coming.. we went into our 'space' to hide and waited till he was out of the car.. Evrybody was looking for their own comfort space.. Mommy and I chose the place in beetween the stairs..the landing is that Uncle Kenny would not see us..!

So voila!!! after Uncle Kenny's out of his car.. we showered him with the soapy water!! and he was as wet as the water!! hahahaha..and he looked so surprised..and clueless..he even said that he was not aware that it was his birthday!! how funny he was!

LOOK AT HIM!! hahaha..he's so soapy wet!!!! I guess he didnt need any of shower foam to cleanse his body ..hahahhaa..!!!oh..BTW, he was the one who wore yellow stripes shirt.. hahaha..

A lot of people love me there!!! hihihi.. i love to be LOVED ^^but nobody gave me a piece of blackforest cake..:( eventhough I begged for it

Mommy...I really want it..why cant I!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

I'm Back

I'm back!
Mommy has finished her presentation.. finally.. I can get back to her...

That's some of the 3Ds she made..her project is about a student centre...well thank you for you guys with paws crossed for mommy! It works!!!!! hehehe

look at me! I'm exhausted while waiting for mommy doing her work..

and yeah..I took my jab last sunday..and there was a Dog Show in one of the mall..huge dogs and beautiful cocker spaniels there..wish that i could be one of them one da..hihihi..i have photos..but silly mommy she forgot where she put the she looks all over her room..sorry pals..will give you the photos when mommy find the camera okay!!! :)

Woof! I have diarrhoea now..I dunno why..maybe i chew on some papers that fell on the floor or the 2nd jab made me diarrhoea....:( Mommy made me fast since yesterday to clean up my stomach until today's evening.. and i eat special food for diarrhoea.. but my appetite is still soooo good.. I know i think i chew on something ..sorry mommy..i just can't resist it.. :(

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Little Break

Hi woofy pals..
mommy will have her final presentation this thursday..
Apparently, I will accompany Mommy doing her work..
so my mommy and I will be 'disappear' for 2 days okay..

I just had my 2nd jab last sunday...
I didnt cry you know... :)
good girl right...
will post the photos later after Mommy's presentation done...

soooo..finger crossed for my mommy!!!!!
have a great day pals!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Look Look!!

Heya woofy pals,
Two days ago, Mommy bought some clothes for me from Auntie Lisa in Penang..
She chose two nice and cute clothes for me.
The red minnie mouse shirt and an orange shirt..
Actually, Mommy loves the school uniform..
but sadly, its sold out.. :(
so Mommy picked the other one..which is cute alsooo..^^

So today the package arrives safely!!! and I was so curious about it
I jumped and reach the package but Mommy stood tall..well seriously, I'm still small..hihihi..
After opening the package..

Auntie Lisa also gave me the band..which is so cute.. Thank you Auntie Lisa :)

Mommy asked me which one should I wear.. and i quickly pick the MINNIE MOUSE! its red though..hehehe

Apparently, its my first time wearing i'm a little bit confused here...I nearly bite my tail..hehe firstly I didnt feel comfortable..but after 10 minutes..I know that this is clothes..hahah..silly me..

So I pose for awhile..but i'm too excited about this new I jumped here n there..Mommy said I couldnt stay still that's why the photos are quite blur..sorry mommy...

I will pose beautifuly for you okay!!!

Do I look more like a Pope rather than Minnie Mouse?? *sigh...
Hey..this is me..a fire fighter?? or a rescue dog..??

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Favourite Toys!

Hi again woofy pals..:)
How do you dooo...
Im waiting for my lunch..! so before Mommy brings me delicious food..
Im gonna tell you about my Favourite toys..
Well..I don't have much yet.. hihi..
but these are my favourite chewing and wrestling spots..!

That's Mocca, Mommy's favourite toy..but I just love to chew and chase her..hehe..I'm wondering does she look like me?? coz our fur colour is nearly the same!! What a dog...

This is the most dearie to me!!! I named her scratchy..I love to pose for a photograph with her..sometimes I get bored too..I leave her for quite sometimes..but scratchy! I always come back to you right!!

This is Mr Greenies..I think its too big for me..but i love scratching my teeth on tastes like gummy bears..hihi..but Mommy does not allow me to chew it a lot..i think i can swallow it in like 1 hour...:( I want it so bad..

Taddaaaaa That's all folks! :) actually I still have one more favourite toy! Its the Tissue Roll Bone..hahaha ..after the tissue finish, mommy usually give it to me..I love to chase it..because it is rolling...I chase here and there...

GUYS!! I can STAY now for food!!!! hehe..Mommy has been teaching me patiently..You know sometimes we don't obey our mommy.. but at last I know now...:)

See!!! I stay !!!!!!
Hehehe...How are you pals progressing?? :)
I'm still a beginner but I'm a fast learner u know..:)
woof woof..!! lunch timeeee..Mommy brings food!!!!!
yum yum yummmm
Love ya

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bite here, Bite there, I bite everything everywhere

Hi woofy pals!
Today is Saturday..
I woke up quite late today...around 11 am.
And I cried for food..and Mommy quickly made breakfast for me..yumm!!
Mommy mix some kibbles beef and chicken together..
it feelss good in my stomach :)

Sometimes Mommy looks grumpy to me you know..
It is because I bite everything that I see..
I know it's not right..
but my teeth are so itchy Mommy..
Please allow me to bite here n there..

When I bite and tear up newspaper..Mommy and Daddy always say no..!
and give me the bitey boney..sometimes it bores me Mommy..

Things that I love to bite:

- Mommy n Daddy's feet and hands --> number one yummy!
- Tissue Roll
- Mommy's laptop cable
- Card Box
- Newspapers
- Mommy's slippers
- Mocca (Mommy's soft toy)
- Mommy's hair dryer cable
- Mommy's bolster cover

See...Mommy scolded meeeee..
But I wanna be a good girl mommy..I promise..
I won't bite your bolster anymore..but I will bite ur feet!!!

Hmmmphhh...It feels like i'm eating a big fat juicy chicken..
yummy!!!!!!!!!'s time to watch movie..
today my movie is 'Derailed'
Jennifer Aniston's movie..well mommy hasnt watched it yet..
so mommy decided to watch it with me..hehehe..
c ya woofy palsss
have a paws licking good wiken!! ;)
I want to bite somemoreeeeee...



Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Next Top Model

Hi woofypals!
I give you my little secret..
you know I love to pose infront of camera..
especially when Mommy's camera..
hihihi..well I guess it inherites from her anyway..she loves camera too..
It's not difficult u know to get my attention..
just call my name and I will be ready for photoshoot..

I dream of becoming a photo model one day..
like Tyra Banks!! hahaha..
I will pose in Dog Magazine of course..not hoomans' mags...
that's a dream only..well still long way to goooooo pals..

Today is just another boring day..
well..coz my jab is not completed yet...T_T
I still have 2 more to go...
the other one is this coming 18..I'm scared...:(
Mommy doesnt allow me to go outside...
She only allows me to go with her to the vet and also to our neighbour..
He has a big handsome golden retriever named Canon..
You guys should meet him you know.. he is so big!!! and HUGE!!...
I didn't dare to get close to him..He wanted to reach mee..but Mommy holds me tight..

My dinner is so yummy today..
and I learned how to turn around.. well..sometimes I don't understand Mommy's word..but I just want the treats actually...It's Salami..slurpppyyyyy!!!
well I don't want to get naughty..I will obey Mommy allthe way!!

Alright..tomorrow's my bathing schedule..
I'm afraid but I do like water actually..
hehehe..well..c ya woofpals...:)
Have a greatttttt baarrrkkyy dayyy!!!

PS: I show you some of my photos okay!!! ^^

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dinner time!!

Mommy gives me food twice a day..
geeshh..i want more actually :(
but yea..Mommy won't let me eat some more..
well..i have biscuits and lots of chewing treats in between ^^
Mommy said I can empty the bowl for about less than 1 minutes.of course mommy!
I'm hungry!!!

empty bowl means I'm full!!!!!!!!!
If I feel a little bit of lazy, its time to sleep sleep in Mommy's bed
Look! My nose is a little longer than last week...well..i guess i have my English' Dad's nose!!^^

How'yall doing???:)
I cannot wait for treats time!! Mommy will teach me how to turn around..
its so hard..but yeah..Mommy believes i can do it!!!

Hi everyone...

It's Maggie here..
A 2 months old English American Cocker Spaniel..
I love my new house now..with my mommy...
I love to sleep and crawl in my mommy's chair..
and oh..Loves to bite here n there ^^
guess my mommy will not like it so much...
I'm new don't bully me okay...
it's my nap time...c yaaaaaaa