Blessed Maggie

Blessed Maggie

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Cousin's Ballet Session

Mommy comes back with lotsa stories to tell..
one of it is the Ballet session?
who's ballet session?
its my twin cousins Vivian and Tiffany..
u know..tutu and toe shoes..
yikes..i don't really like that ..
i prefer kongs and u know..BONES!
but hey ! they love it..
That's mommy with the twin.. :)
I hope that i can meet them someday!

Ballet is always a pink tutus, pink ribbons, pink flowers on hair buns, and also PINK toe shoes..
Mommy, don't they have any other colors? rather than pink? it's kinda boring though..
Mommy said the twin did it just right!

and she taught me how to sing a really nice soonggg...
like this...

Me, and my teddy bear
have no worries , have no cares
Me and my teddy bear
we dance and dance all day

me and my teddy bear
we have one eye and one big brown nose
Me and my teddy bear
we play and play all day

See ! nice song right!
anyone know this song?? :D
can do the dance with me!