Blessed Maggie

Blessed Maggie

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Have You Seen My Mommy?

Hey fellowpaws!
I am so SORRY for not updating the blog for about 2 months!! ??
oh yeah.. my mommy has been busy going here n there..and finally she is missing now..
I looked for her on the bed, she wasn't there..
I looked for her in the kitchen, she wasn't there too.. where IS SHE!
after awhile..then I realise.. she is missing!!

Yes fellowpaws..
she brought all of her stuff with her..and left ME!
how could she!
oh well but she has told me that she is moving to Singapore..
and she will leave me for awhile with Daddy before I migrate to Singapore too..
so basically, my mommy is in SINGAPORE at the moment..
and me? -_-' being left out is the one thing I would love to avoid..but no choice...
i have to be with Daddy at the moment...
MOMMY! How could you do this to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but I heard from Daddy, she will be here soon..
oh well I miss her too much already..
so Mommy! Where r u!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????
ai miss u mommy!

Oh well....I'm still hungry.. hehehe