Blessed Maggie

Blessed Maggie

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dog Olympic Day 2008

Hi paws!!
I just took my bath couple hours ago..feels so refreshing now...

Last Sunday i had a blast with my mommy, uncle Fajar, auntie Jeanette, and Canon!!
YEAAH!! We went to the Dog Olympic day!
that was Canon and me and auntie jeanette

wondering where is Kiddo??
Yeah..uncle Fajar and auntie Jeanette has to move to Singapore..
and they are bringing Canon along..but, two dogs weren't such a good idea..
so Kiddo was actually adopted by another person...
and check out the new blog of kiddo
he was adopted by a family and his new mommy is just 13 years old :)
such a cute girl, we met on the olympic day..^^
i am sure that Kiddo will be in the good hands :) coz in the house there is another pretty dog..! Sabrina..lucky you Kiddo :)

well about the Olympic day!

it was a lil bit drizzling on that day..
and the grass was wet..mommy was a little bit worry about the mud that sticks to my but! well mommy...! i have long fur!!! ;)

this is what i did when i arrive in the spot! felt so good after that..hahah!

its very crowded down there!
i felt very excited and extremely exhausted too!
too many handsome dogs back there! lotsa Shihtzu...and Poodles...
didn't see much cockers...most of them are Englsih..well..they should know that I am American x English, Malaysian and raised by Indonesian (what the....)
there was an awesome boundary in the middle..
it was meant for the agility training...
and look! there was the handsome Collie in the K9 unit..they have some demonstration and they were pawesome!
and i have a funny story to tell!!
when i arrived, there was agility test running in the middle of the ring..
and there was this Cocker was doing the agility..
mommy and I were sitting outside the boundary and watching him ..
after he went through the tunnel obstacle..
instead of went around of the ring...
AMAZINGLY this Cocker was actually running towards ME!!!!!!!!
you can see from the picture! he was running towards ME!
and i don't know why, (actually the distance between the tunnel obstacle and the spot where we sat down is quite far!)
he didn't listen to his daddy! his daddy was kept calling his name(i forgot what's the name)
and he sniffeddd meee!!
(sorry darling was an accident...)

his daddy looked quite mad...
he shouted once more and luckily..the cocker went away..
but quite fun story yea.. ^^

and oh! i have summore to tell ya all!
mommy implanted microchip ! and i'm officially Malaysian now! i am registered under the state!!guess what i didn't cry...!!
mommy went to registar and there is my certificate!!! ^^
was waiting for my turn! actually i felt trembled at the first place..
coz the pals befor me..was barking and crying out loud! after the jab!
one was nearly bite the mommy's i'm a little nervouse..
but mommy said everything is gonna be alrite!!!
Mommy i'm scareddddddddddddddddddddddddd
what should i do what should i dooooooo...

and here's my turn

the vet asked mommy to hold tight to my mouth!
and im good! i didnt bite mommy and i didnt cryyyyyy ^^ so mommy praise me alott after that

well it was a real tiring day for me...
i was dropped asleep after the whole thing..
but i have to be apart from auntie jeanette, uncle fajar, kiddo and canon..what a sad...
you guys take care okay! be good in Singaporeeeee
im gonna miss u Canon!