Blessed Maggie

Blessed Maggie

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Runny Nose and Busy Mommy

runny nose girl...

Sorry paws...
have not heard from me for the past 2 weeks..
I've been having some runny mommy is a bit worry...
i sneezed a lot for 2 days in a row..
so Mommy gave me vitamin C.. for 2 days...
and runny nose has gone... maybe i slept in the aircon room too much..therefore i catch cold..^^
and Mommy
she has been a busy body for a while..coz it's her final project presentation..
running here and front of computer for long timeeeeee...
she even did not really sleep for 4 days.. poor mommy..

so i try to pose and catch my self in the camera


Look at what mommy bought for getting rid of the ticks!
bayticol...and frontline..thanks for Amber's mom!!! my mommy did it..
all the ticks were dropped dead after she bathed me with Bayticol.
so bye bye ticks!!!
one blur pose...mommy! why did u make it so blurrrrr! i like this photo tough..
P.S : Dedicated to my luvluv Goofy

Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Canon!!

Today guess who is having his barkday!!!!!!!
yes yes yes!! It 's my handsome neighbour CANON !!!
He is two years old he was born on 6-6-06
wow many 6..but that's why uncle Fajar adopted him..i guess..hehehe..
well..Happy barkday Canon!!
Wish you all the best in everything you..such as chewing, peeping on uncle Fajar and auntie Jeanette *wink *wink..., and be good to my brother Kiddo!

Mommy has been worrying too much these days..
coz she found the small fat tick died..drench in my blood...
i didnt have it last i become a fleabag!
i think the ticks come from the backyard..and some stray cats passing by...sigh..
official a fleabag! -_-'
so mommy's gonna bring me for de-tick tomorrow...
and now, she is busy de-tick-ing me..she searched for the ticks all over my body..sometimes she tickles me also...busybodymommy...

P.S: my siblings on my previous post are all in Indonesia with my granny..Mommy has only ME at home hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! and i have the wholeeeeeeeeeee time with mommyyyy...

how's ur weekend gonna look like guys???????