Blessed Maggie

Blessed Maggie

Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Mocca

Maggie's mom: Look what Maggie has done to Mocca.. I didnt recoqnize Mocca nose..
no more sleepy eyes..

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mommy's story telling session

As you pals know that my mommy had been away eversince...
and just came back several days ago..
She has lotttssss of lotttsss to tell meeeee..
well its a supa dupa long she told me about her holiday..sighhh..
I know it is a good one Mommm.....
Well..she visited Solo city and Jogjakarta, both are two of big cities which has cultural destinations.
Mommy said that a lot of interesting destination there as Jogjakarta is a never ending Asia.
That's Prambanan Temple.. it is the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia.. Sadly, the earthquake last year destroy some of the construction of the temple.. now the engineers and architects are basically trying to restore the temple again.. Mommy said its a very hugeeeeeeeee!!! unfortunately, mommy could have time to go to Borobudur temple,former of 7 wonders of the world! she visited it when she was in primary! she can still remember.. hehehe

Look at the reliefs..its pawssooommmeeee ^^ well.. i have my history lesson with mommy today.. hahahaha..

this is the long view of the is beeauuuttiiiffooolll righhhttt :) i wish i could go there with my woofy pals someday..but i dont think they will allow furkids..sigh..its not fairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...!
my mommy also told me that she had a wonderfuull food fiesta back in Indonesia

well mommy.. i bet u are gaining more weight now.. hahah! but noow she is on diet..gotcha mommy!

Look at that lobsters!!!! Yum Yummmmmmm... these lobsters are the fisherman's fresh catch! and sold in a traditional market nearby the beach.. the beach called Baron Beach.. its not a crowded area..but the food there are superb!!! Mommy tells me that she wants to go there again
maybe you pals can ask ur mommy and daddy to visit Indonesia..and my mommy will be delighted to provide free guideeeeee! hehehehehe...
That's the traditional market near the beach! You can order and pick the right seafood you want.. and tell them how do you want to cook ur seafood..grilled, deep fried, steamed u name it!!!
my mommy and her family chose some fresh lobsters to be grilled and deep fried..! and voilaaaaaaaa

Well..its just a simple village dish! hehehe..dont expect a high class styleeeee of Indonesia..the good ones are usually simple street foodddddddddd!!! oh my good..Mommy you makes me drooooolllllll Slurpp..slurppp...
phew guys..i think i will stop here..and continue tomorrow okayyyyyy...mommy stilll have a lot to shareeee..but i hvent had my lunch I'm begging mommy right now...
C ya palsssssss! muaaaaxxxx

Monday, February 18, 2008

Maggie is back home with mommy :)

Hi everydoggie! how r ya?? :)
Maggie is now 5 months old and super healthy with thick golden fur!
Mommy is back...!! And I was delighted to see her on that day ..!!
She picked me up from the pet hotel coz Aunt Jeanette is having Chinese New Year she put me and canon in a pet hotel..
When I saw mommy and daddy picked me up.. I knew it!!!!
that's My mommy and daddy!!! :)

Mommy said i have a really too thick fur! so mommy and daddy had decided to bring me to grooming saloon that day...
Mommy brought me to our usual pet groomer, but she is in serious busy day! and no time for me :( so Mommy and Daddy went around and yeahh..they got me a grooming center that can groom cocker style ;) so mommy and daddy put me there and they went for cool is that mommy...-_-'

I updated some pictures..and look!! I'm no longer a lil maggie..
I am a little lady right nowwwwwwww :)
and oh yeahhh..I'm heavy now! 6.5 kg ..
Mommyyyyyyy i miss u dearlyyyyyyyyy :)

Now I'll be back blogging my fury fellaasss!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeee
Look at me!!! :) I grewwww uupp

Look! I'm home :) I make my little messsss around da housseee
Phew..i'm a little bit tired... adios palsss