Blessed Maggie

Blessed Maggie

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Have A Wonderful Christmas!

Dear Everypaws!!! May your days be merry and bright.. and may all your Christmases be white !

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Christmas Feeling

Christmas is coming and the spirit is here!!!
though..some of the cards have very happy indeed...
the first card comes from Amber, Chloe and Faith.. :D thx guys

and the most excited thing is that Maggie & Mitch sent me a gift! :) thx guys....
I was so excited when the Mr. postman came that day..
Mommy!! IT'S HERE!!
it's finally here..i'm so happy..
what's inside?
sniff smells good...

whooppyy maggiee..u cannot eat that!!!
look what Maggie and Mitch has given me
a chewing tendon.
and for mommy..the Christmas ornament.. oh it was lovely..mommy loves it!!!!! so much..
she said that she never seen such a bootiful handmade thing like this before..amazing...:D goodjob to M &M's Gramma...
look... she is beautiful isn't she??
uh oh....
i am so touched...

so merry days to Christmas day right??? :)
but mommy will be going away this christmas too..
she will left me with the maltese baby..who is that??? on the next posts :D