Blessed Maggie

Blessed Maggie

Friday, August 29, 2008

How to stay awake? I CAN'T!

Friday again! Phew.. Mommy just went back from site visit..
and now i'm crawling in loveee...
oh well..HEY! i'm gonna show you how to stay awake fwendsss!
most of you won't rite...
First step.. Stay calm and open your eyes wideeeeeeeelyyyyyyyyyyyy

put aside the will make u even sleepier than ever!
Step Two..

afternoon wind comessss!!...blow my fur softly...

Yawn....and i feel so sleepy...
NO NO NO..this is not rite...i have to move my butts!
Step Three

Change position...
Step Four..

I move to Mommy's bed...
well i am sure i won't feel sleepy

15 minutes later

I don't care but oh well im still awake!
Step Five

Me : Mommy!!!!!!!!! Can you get me my blanket...

Mommy: Thought that you want to stay awake...

me: OKAY!...

'move to another spot'

Step Six...

the just-taken-out laundry smells so gooddddddd

Good nite everybody...
oh well...good afternoon....

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sentul West Visit..without ME

Mommy went out and left me alone at home yesterday,

where did she go?
she went to a bootiful place
a lot of remains of old colonial building..used to be a train station..

it is a performing arts center ... a.k.a KL Pac
mommy loves to watch orchestra here...
wait..well..only once... but the place is totally cool!!!
i wanna goooooooooooooo T_T
but the place called Sentul Park/ Sentul West..

i have no any idea..

why would she go there for??
she was looking for an existing site for her so-called final semester thesis..
u know interior designers to be is always busy like a busy road!
inside the place..there was the Koi center where the koi breeding is..
looks like in Japan rite????
and the place looks amazing!!
wish i could go there... pets alloweddddd
and look at the big koi fish!!
it range from RM500 - 500 K one fish..
well.. mommy said i cost more than that.. *proud mode on..

*sigh again...

mommy was busy looking out for cargo..
guess what!!!!
its not for her furniture..
its not for her's not for any packages...
but it's for ME!!

i'm going somewhere else?!?!??!?!?????

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Maggie Mouse

I took a peek on the mirror and..
"Hey! I'm a mouse!!! a girlie mouse! "

I looked up to mommy and smiled
"mommy...are you a mouse too???"
mommy grinned..
im too cute to be true...*sigh...

Mommy bought me a new clothes..guess what!
its a minnie mouse costumeeeeee...
so i have to wear it..
uh oh... i will surprise my luplup goofy...


Monday, August 4, 2008


Sorry for not updating..
Mommy went back to cool is that!!!
but she is back!!!
well..i've learnt a new trick from Daddy..


I'm shy.....
but now not anymore...
I'm as pretty as the Lady in the Lady n the tramp..

Look at the chips Daddy put in my nose! I WANT MOREEEEEEEEE

how are you guys lately?