Blessed Maggie

Blessed Maggie

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas Everydoggie!!!

My mommy just called me!!
I'm sorry everydoggie..i was busy with Canon and adapting to Auntie jeannette's new home!
My mommy arrived in Indonesia safely.. it was very hard to go online..that's what she said to me...
She has just finished her trip to Solo, Jogjakarta..eating nice food there huh Mommy..
GUYS! Thank you for the cards.. :) I'm loving it...
So me and my mommy want to say

Merry Christmas 2007
Happy New Year 2008

I will update my blog after new year..coz i will be busy christmas-ing with Canon...Yippie!!!
oyea..Aunt Jeanette has a xmas tree!!!!!

Lots of hugs and kisses

Maggie Rusli

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Mommy is gonee tomorrow!!!

:( how sad
Mommy is leaving for her hometown tomorrow..actually today its 2 a.m here..
she is just done half packing..well she said she can't really actually pack her things before she gets out of her morning bath..well u know ladies..

So she will be leaving for Christmas , New year, and also Chinese New Year ..hope she doesnt miss Valentine's day with me!!
Therefore..Mommy has trusted me with Aunti Jeanette and Uncle Fajar.. They are our neighbour actually..they have a big handsome goldie called Canon.. oh..I'm going to spend my Christmas with him!! hihihi..
These are things that my mommy prepares for my 4 other sistas..

Oh well..surely my 4 sista will love it!!! hopefully.. :)

Daddy will be leaving too..he is leaving on he will be checking on me in Canon's house..

Mommy wrapped some Xmas Present for Canon.. well it looks so sweet right!! :) I hope Canon loves it..and can we shareeee?????

Here..Ive just finished it mom...cute right!!!!!!! and oh the xmas card..:) is ready!!! mommy going to send it today..hihihi...

Mommy..can't you not leave me here....?? can i be in ur suitcase?? i'll be good...

and we've just got back from Aunt Jeanette's house..gave the pressie to her..and oh Look!! Canon..!!!! hi handsomeee... he was just wandering around Aunt Jeanette..when I was on her hands.. i know u like me Canon..i'm gonna stay with you don't worry okay..but i'll be upstairs maybe...coz i think im still so small...

and tadaaaaa...its Canon...!!! :) he is handsome righttttt????????
well my mommy is calling me to bed.. i'll be cuddled by her toniteeeeeee!! yippie..but sad...she is leaving tomorrow.. and she said Happy Holiday to all of youu!!!
Woof woof woof..hopefuly I won't cry tomorrow.. but it will be excited to live with another handsome woofy!!