Blessed Maggie

Blessed Maggie

Monday, November 17, 2008

Milo cup and new hair cut..

Mommy is very very very busy right now..
she is preparing for her final year exams (well its over..) and another thesis to go and presentation.
paw crossed for my mommy fellas!!!

so.. she indulged me in an empty milo ice cream cup..sigh.. she said i can't touch's muddy and not good for it?
I just licked it.. hm...very sweetttttttttt and smellss good huh....
I can't get rid of the cup.. can't resist to have more..
but mommy says.. 'nooooo maggieeeee..'
just the cup..just the cup...
licking till drop

Several days, i've been picky about food i ate..
sigh.. i just don't have the appetite..
but it's not that i'm sick..i just don't want to eat!
so i heard mommy planned to starve me for 1 day..
without food!???????? come on mommmyyyyyyyy

and oh!
last friday.. i was having hair cut...
mommy trim the curly fringe..
and also the paws...
i look like a sweet cocker right now :D

Look at it! my fur is everywhere!!!!

Am i prettier?
Bonus Photo :D
it suits me mommy thank you :D

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Goodbye Girl Girl

run free!!! safe and sound to the rainbow bridge Girl Girl
she has crossed to the other side.. i hope you meet my sister Blacky and Akira there..
it will always be a memory that you are one of my first blogfriends here in blogspot.
Thank you so much for our friendship Girl Girl
Me and mommy will greatly miss you...

and one more thing
i've got this award
from Cocoa and Barley
thank you guys :)
you are the best...

Friday, November 7, 2008

It's Daddy's Barkday!!!!!!

My old daddy is getting older on the 5th.. hihih
despites his love for basketball..
he loves sneakers too..and oh..he loves to squeeze me though..but not orange squeeze..but love squeeze..sigh...

pst.....mommy and i prepared the gift..
well it's just a polo tshirt that he wants it.. :D
this is my signature..
well..don't ask me why mommy draw another pawline..sigh..
actually she mix the acrylic paste with alil bit of water...and voila... the mixture were alil bit witish.. thought she would wanna colour my hair white!!!!! -_-'
but luckily no.. i took my paw and press it hard on the surface..
mommy said she couldn't see she drew the pawline...

you know what...!!!
mommy gave me a drop of this beer..
oh well..
i don't really like it though..but tasted a bit weird..
as we surprised Daddy with the present..
i crawled up in bed.. looking at Daddy..

and oh
look at the cake mommy and friends presented to him yesterday
yummmmmmmmmm! it's the belgian chocolate layered with white chocolate..
but sigh..mommy said i couldn't eat chocolate..
is it that bad for us paws???

The most important things is that...

Happy birthday Daddy!!! :)
you are 1 year older nowwwww :D

wish you every happiness.. and all the best in your life too
wish that u will love me moreee
cuddle me moreeeee
give me bones moreeee
play with me all the timeeeeeee
and pamper me with all kinds of good food..
woopsss..too much wishes it think.. teehee
I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

What did it say?

what did it say???? anyone?? :D
i know it's not really clear but yeah..mommy did something to me..and i couldn't read it...

this is my favourite smoked bone..

ughhh..try harder...

aha! it's opened now....
Mommy: oh well... look at the's only the outer shell left! where are the rest maggie!???
Mag : i'm sleepy mommy..*burp..
one more time..
what did it say???? :D

Happy Halloween to all who celebrates it!!! :D
Ttrick or treatsssssssssssssssssssss