Blessed Maggie

Blessed Maggie

Monday, March 31, 2008

Bosco's Package !!

Look! I've got a package!
It's from Bosco!
It's the newly hatched Petster Magazine! Thank you so much Bosco!

Can I read first?

Thank you Boscoooo...:) so kind of you!
And oh! I met Bosco personally in the Pet Expo ! hehehe.. and met his Mommy too! :)
Bosco is so cool! and handsome too!! :)

Uh oh.. I almost forgot! It's Uncle Eric's birthday today!!!!
Happy birthday Uncle Eric! may all ur dreams come true okay.. no more squeezing me with your two hands! coz I can bite you...!!!!!! :p

Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's Kiddo

Maggie's brother Kiddo is now adopted to Auntie Jeanette and Uncle Fajar..coz
the previous owner had moved to China! can u believe it! what's with China hehehe
heheh so they have to kiddos now.. Kiddo and Canon..
I visited them once.. and look at him!
he is bigger than me.. and he sniffed me all the time..
and so did I hahahaha..
See! He looked more like English Cocker rather than American.. so i think he is more into Simon Cowell side.. hahahaha whereas mee!! I support Paula Abdul.. hahahaha.. just kidding...
Anyone can guess..which one is me which one is Kiddo?? and which one is the handsome Canon? hahhahaha
uh oh ah.. everybody was busy entertaining bout meeeeeee?? MOMMYYyyyyyyyy...
so what do u think guys

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Wish

Maggie warmly wishes you a happy easter !
May you all get lotsa lotsa yummy eggs!!
I'm going to church tomorrow..
ups..just kidding..
no dogs are allowed in the church hall
mommy will go.. hahahaha
Bless ya all!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I ruined my mommy's cable :S

as the title said.. YES!!! I did it!!!!!!!!
So now mommy can't upload the photos..
I bite the cable
Seriously! It is badly wounded... poor cable..
Sorry mommyyy...:(

I will do it no more...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Bowl !

Mommy bought a new bowl for me..
i like this one..coz it's RED! and it has deep I won't drop my ears on the bowl.. hehehhee..
At first, i was wondering.. what is this thing? why mommy didn't use the yellow bowl..sigh.. i miss the yellow one mommy..
whatever.. I WANT MY FOOD!
One more thing that bothers mommy..
mommy thought that my hairs grew too fast! and looked a little bit untidy now.. more saloon day mommy..pleaseeee...

Mommy had fever for several days that's why I didn't update the blog for several days.. She worried too much.. she thought she had dengue fever symptoms..she had been in fever for 5 days.. up and down.. and also felt like puking..and felt a little bit dizzy.. well..she was bitten by the mosquito at the backyard while she was accompanying me pooing there..hahaha poor mommy..but Thank is not dengue fever..the doctor said it's just some bad virus and bacteria..nowadays.. Malaysia has high chance of raining everyday..and unsure weather too! sigh..i can't do my business outside sometimes..

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Basketball court

My daddy loves to play basketball..i am wondering why..
mommy? she never touches the ball..ehh..hahaha
she loves wandering around and also experiment in cooking.. i've never tried before..but my daddy said its yummy..
last week, I went to the basketball court with mommy..we were siting down and watching daddy and friends playing basketball.. hahah..
i've never given a chance to be like air bud! don't underestimate a little lady you know..

Daddy!!!!!! Can I plaayyyyyyy??????
great! now you ignore me Daddy!
I'd better sniffing around.. its better i guess..
Mommy was just busy taking pictures of me..sigh...

And yeah! yesterday, we went to the Pet Safari (a pet shop)..Mommy was leaving me behind in the day care so they could watch Charlie Wilson's War. and guess what! I was vomited twice in the car.. i've got a headache..i puked before also.. when first mommy and daddy brought me back home..sorry mommy... but i could not bear it anymore..hihihi.. i guess..its because of the longggg journey to the destination..and i could not sit still..i was moving around and looking behind..that's why i got puked.. sigh.. i was starved..coz mommy didnt bring my food..when we reached home..i swallowed my food alllll of ittttttttt....slurp slurpppp...!