Blessed Maggie

Blessed Maggie

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Mom's Homeland.

Today's post is not about me. Mommy is very shocked about the bombing news back in Indonesia.. You all know that my mommy is a panic mama.. and she goes like 0.0 in front of television. My hairs all stood up watching the news and reading the news in the internet. 24 hours about the bombing in 2 exclusive hotels, JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton Hotel in Mega Kuningan, Jakarta..Here she goes...

Hi everyone..Maggie's mom ,Finna here :)
I am amazed by how the terrorists have successfully torn apart our beloved nation Indonesia. You must have been heard so much about this country. About the 4 times bombing, about the terrorists sanctuary, corruption and all of bad things. For me, it is not weird listening when people from other countries talk bad about my homeland. Indeed, my heart sank to hear that people from outhere are actually 'i could say' hate Indonesia so much..

Being born and raised up in Chinese family back in small city in Central Java, Indonesia has been a really wonderful gift of all from God. My Dad is a Dutch educated Chinese who doesn't speak Chinese at all.. While my mom's Dad.. is Chinese descendant from Fujian, China..Well, I don't speak Chinese,and I could say that I am a proud Straits Chinese. Regardless of my race, I have never said that 'oh I am a Chinese Indonesian, or I am a Chinese from Java..' I will always say that I am a proud Indonesian girl.

Attached and glued by the awesome culture of Indonesia, I learn that Indonesia has too many rich cultures to be known.. An archipelago which has the most islands in the world, it is Indonesia. In the land of the freedom, I have grew so much in love and understanding that this is the country that I belong to. Provocateurs and irresponsible terrorists have successfully made us weak in the eyes of the world and it has made thousands of Indonesians are affected in business, social and religious sectors. Even my very own friend, get affected for being rejected importing dogs from a particular country just because she is Indonesian. How bad is my beloved homeland's name in the eyes of the world.. The truth that I could not bear it anymore..

My post today, is just to clarify to all of my blogger friends and pawfriends.. that we are really saddened about the situation back here in Indonesia.. Moreover, Indonesia is not a land of the terrorists who killed innocent lives.. we are a really friendly people with rich cultures, the best underwater sceneries, great food and lovely land. I beg you all to forgive and forget those terrorists who has been taken the lives of the people maybe from your homeland.. We are really really sorry about what had happened.. I pray hard to God, that may nothing like this be repeated in the years to come..

Let us all be united and not to get provoked by the irresponsible news about Indonesia, we are the people of the world..regardless the race, skin tones, religions.. we are all the beautiful children of God.. Let us pray and help each other to heal this world to be a better place for you and me :) . Same goes to all of you who love their homeland, I love Indonesia so much .. :)

Lastly, Maggie and I would like to present to you all an Indonesian song..which is a very lovely and dear to us.. You may not understand the lyrics.. it is about our beautiful indonesia with its rich is about our homeland that we will not forget for the rest of ourlives.. though, I am my self is not based in Indonesia but deep in my heart, this is still my homeland and a place I belong.

Indonesia Pusaka by Ismail Marzuki

Indonesia tanah air beta
Pusaka abadi nan jaya
Indonesia sejak dulu kala
Tetap dipuja-puja Bangsa

Di sana tempat lahir beta
Dibuai dibesarkan Bunda
Tempat berlindung di hari tua
Tempat akhir menutup mata

English Translation:

Indonesia , my native land
forever and victorious relic
Indonesia , since then
always been praised by nation

That is my birthplace
being raised and loved by my mother
a sanctuary when we grow old
the last destination to close our eyes.


Snowy and Crystal said...

we are very sad to read the news of the bombing :(

It is a sad fact when a small group of irresponsible people turn the world's view about the whole Nation, but no worries Maggie and mommy, we know exactly what you mean,...are aware that it is just a certain group of people who are making the mew.... we do agree with you when you said this about Indonesia :

"we are a really friendly people with rich cultures, the best underwater sceneries, great food and lovely land."

our grandpa has been there a couple of times before. He totally loves it, its people (he told us how very friendly they are), its beautiful places, and its rish culture :) .. :) We sure wanna visit it and its nice people one day

We truly think that people need to visit a certain place before judging what is seen in the media

We live in a city where people from all over the world come to live and work. You know, their expectations about the city, the region and its people COMPLETELY change from what they saw in the media back changes only after they get to visit the place and experience it themselves...

We hope that one day, this whole craziness around the world can stop.

Thank you for the beautiful song :)

Maltese Paws

Lorenza said...

I understand it is not all your country. There are groups of bad people everywhere.
I am so sorry it happened there.
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Amber-Mae said...

I am so sorry that this happened. Why must there be such bad people in this world to destroy other peoples' land? Eventhough my hoomies have not been to Indonesia yet, they think that your country is a beautiful place & everybody should go there to check out. Anyway, I hope no one or not many people were hurt over there. If your Mom's family are living there, we hope they are fine & safe from danger.

Snowy and Crystal said...

Hello Maggie, hope you are enjoying your weekend :)

Guess what, our helper just completed our info pages :) we thought that it will be a pawsome idea to let our pals learn more about us that way. We wont be adding anything new to it, but just keep it up there...our pictures in our main blog leads to it

Please check it out when you get the time and let us know what you think:





Snowy and Crystal said...

Thanks adorable Maggie for taking the time to visit our info pages :) we were very happy to read that you liked it

Maltese Paws